Oobleck is a wonderful and very messy activity. You can grab it fast and it seems solid, then let it turn into a liquid and drip between your fingers. In a warm climate like ours, we let it dry outside and rehydrate it the next day. In cooler areas it might mold if you leave it out.

It has always been a dream of mine to find a source for past-its-expiration-date cornstarch so that we can fill a small kiddy pool with Oobleck and walk on it! A girl can dream.

1 Cup water
2 Cups cornstarch
a few drops food coloring

Mix together and play!




Vegan “goat” Cheese


This is a random little video we made to share out favorite vegan “goat” cheese recipe. It has a lovely sharp flavor because it is really fermented just like real cheese. I use probiotic capsules instead of whey.

It is so easy to make and ready to enjoy the next day!

PS, this is my first ever video post. I was so nervous. Hopefully it will get easier!

Art bin

Recently I put together a random art bin for the kids to use anytime. It defiantly needs to be organized better, but for now it is working wonderfully. I just put some supplies I don’t mind them using anytime, including some scraps and even recyclables.

I highly recommend it.