Bumble Bee Superhero Doll

A very dear friend asked if I could make her daughter a little girl version of the Bumble Bee Superhero. While looking for material for her costume, I was excited to find the old golden colored silk pants I’d recently bought at a thrift shop. We wanted her to look childlike instead of sexy, so I decided a romper would do the trick. After talking back and forth a bit, this is what we came up with.

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed the process -especially since it was only my second needle felted fiber art doll face. In fact, I had not even heard the name “Fiber Art Doll” yet. I just wanted to see if I could make one 🙂 After breaking a dozen needles and stabbing myself as many times… This little one was born. Truly made with love.

The clothing was also very fun. The undergarments were made from a very soft cotton shirt. Her wings and boots are wool felt. For the sweeter I found bamboo and silk yarn. It was so soft and easy to knit, I keep looking for excuses to make new doll sweaters out of it. I’m not the most efficient patten maker, so there were a few do-overs -but in the end, I love the result. 

Shipping her off to North Carolina I felt closer to my friend. It’s lovely giving something meaningful to a person who has spent her life fighting for justice and spreading love. It warms my heart knowing she is now a mother. If ever there was a lucky baby girl, it is the one. She is being raised by parents so passionate and kind. I feel blessed to be a part of their lives. All these many miles away, I am happy knowing her daughter is playing with this little doll.









My first Waldorf Sculpted Art Doll

What a fun experience! This little baby boy is a gift for my son. He’s my first attempt at a Waldorf inspired sculpted art doll. The face is made in a similar way to a more traditional Waldorf doll, but then the face is sculpted using thread and wool felting. Once the skin fabric was sewn on he really came to life! Given how enjoyable it was to work on this face, I know there will be many more to come

I will prepare tutorial to help you make one as well. Hope to have it ready soon 🙂

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Bunny from a Simple Kitted Square

This project is the one I always use when teaching people how to knit. It is so simple and fast. All you need to do is knit a square 🙂 Then with just a few stitches and a little stuffing you will have a very snuggly and cute bunny.


Here is a link to the website I got this tutorial from, but it is not in English! Luckily, the image is the tutorial.

I would work in all knitting making about a 3 to 4 inch square. The size and amount to stitches to cast on will depend on how thick your yarn is. The thicker the yarn, the larger your square will need to be. If you are a good knitter and can work with very fine yarn, you can probably make quite a tiny one!

For other toys from simple knit squares follow these links:

Simple Knit Sheep Tutorial

Another Simple Knit Bunny Tutorial

Simple Ball Tutorial

Free Knit Bunny and Bear Patterns

These little animals by Small Means are so wonderful to make. Plus they are free 🙂


The first one took a little extra work for me, because I had to remember how to read a knitting pattern! But her directions were easy to follow and the little guys turned out great. My kids wanted Kittens at the end, so I had to modify the ears and add tails… but they turned out great.

This link takes to directly to a free PDF file where you can print the directions.



Oobleck is a wonderful and very messy activity. You can grab it fast and it seems solid, then let it turn into a liquid and drip between your fingers. In a warm climate like ours, we let it dry outside and rehydrate it the next day. In cooler areas it might mold if you leave it out.

It has always been a dream of mine to find a source for past-its-expiration-date cornstarch so that we can fill a small kiddy pool with Oobleck and walk on it! A girl can dream.

1 Cup water
2 Cups cornstarch
a few drops food coloring

Mix together and play!




Art bin

Recently I put together a random art bin for the kids to use anytime. It defiantly needs to be organized better, but for now it is working wonderfully. I just put some supplies I don’t mind them using anytime, including some scraps and even recyclables.

I highly recommend it.