Art bin

Recently I put together a random art bin for the kids to use anytime. It defiantly needs to be organized better, but for now it is working wonderfully. I just put some supplies I don’t mind them using anytime, including some scraps and even recyclables.

I highly recommend it.



Turning Art into a Toy

This was such a fun project! We actually did this last year, but I am posting it now.

My daughter drew a picture for us to turn into a little felt doll for her cousin.

I cut it out and she did most of the sewing. I’m so in love with the way it turned out.


Raw (almost) Banana Ice Cream

To me, this is haven. My family, sunshine, music and delicious vegan banana ice cream. These cones are not raw 🙂 but they are gluten-free. We make the ice cream by blending frozen bananas with some vanilla and chocolate chips. SO yummy.

After eating, our son turned his daddy into a faithful steed



Inspired by Tree Change Dolls

The idea of the tree change dolls my sister-in-law showed me was too irresistible.

I really had to try it. This was very therapeutic, I highly recommend trying it yourself.




This one looks creepy, but it is the blank faces after I cleaned to paint off with Acetone.IMG_6046