“The Silver Rain, the Shining Sun”

“The Silver Rain, the Shining Sun”

Poppies 1 Art by Mary Conroy

The silver rain, the shining sun, the fields where scarlet poppies run
And all the ripples of the wheat are in the bread that we do eat.
So when we sit for every meal and say our grace, we always feel
That we are eating rain and sun and fields where scarlet poppies run.

Injera Success!

1075591_10208169581171264_4364025855974951877_oSorry to do this! Not only is it a bad photo of weird looking food, it’s also a brag post! Oh well, for some reason you are still reading 🙂 So I’ll go on.

Tonight was a very happy night, after (honestly) years of trying, our Injera bread actually turned out. The Ethiopian stews and salads were good too! I’m so happy. There is no gluten-free Ethiopian food in Las Vegas, believe me, I’ve called everyone. This has been a stubborn thorn in my culinary side for so long.

My family has been very patient with my many failed attempts -which were eaten lovingly, if not entusiastically. It’s not easy to admit such a simple and delicious meal could torment with such elusiveness.

Tonight, I go to bed totally satiated.

…Except for this one nagging desire to make some of those beautiful Japanese sweets that look like fairy treats…