Poems and Verses

“A Bunny Came to Call”

“A Cradle Song”

“A Life on the Ocean Wave”

“A Light Exists in Spring”

“A Star for You”

“After Apple-Picking”

“Apple Tree”

“At the Seaside”

“Auguries Of Innocence”

“Bed in Summer

“Buttercups and Daisies”


“Can You See the Wind Passing by?”

“Can you, Can you”

“Caterpillar” 1st

“Caterpillar” 2nd

“Enter the Night”


“Fairy Song”

“Golden is the Garden”

“Happy Thought”

“Here is the Beehive”

“Hey-ho! Let the wind blow!”

“How the Leaves Came Down”

“I am the Sun”

“I Caught a Fish Alive”

“I Found a Cherry Stone”

“I have Heard a Mother Bird”

“I’m a Bird”

“In soft morning light”

“In the Heart of a Seed”

“In the Morning”

“In the Springtime Garden”

“Infinite Sun”


“It’s Winter”

“Jack be Nimble”

“Let dogs delight”

“Little Drops of Water”

“Little Mouse”

“Little White Lily”

“Mary’s Lamb”

“Morning Prayer”

“My lantern”


“One Misty, Moisty, Morning”

“Open Shut Them”

Pitter Patter

“Posting Letters”

“Rose Red is the Evening Sky”

“Spirits of Fire”

“Spring is Coming”

“Sweet and Low”

“The Baby’s Dance”

“The Clock”

“The Days of the Month”

“The Harvest Time again is Here”

“The Lamb”

“The Moon on One Hand”

“The North Wind”

“The Oak”

“The Owl and the Pussy-Cat”

“The Rainbow” 1st

“The Rainbow” 2nd

“The Silver Rain, the Shining Sun”

“The Star

“The Sun is in My Heart”

“The Violet”

“The Wind”

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!”

“Two Little Clouds One Sunny Day”

“We Sing the Song of the Spirit”

“Wee Willie Winkie”

“Where are the Rabbits”

“Where Go the Boats?”

“Which is the Way to Fairy Land”

“With My Hands I Clap, Clap, Clap”

“Woodman, Spare That Tree”

“Wynken, Blynken, and Nod”

“You are My Family”


“A Star for You”

“Blessings on the Blossom”

“Brave and True”

“Earth who Gives”

“Enter the Night”

“Michaelmas Verse”

“The Sun is in My Heart”

“We are Truthful”