Learning through play, work and experience is one of the biggest benefits we get as a family by homeschooling. We love expanding our local environment and greater world. As the children get older I look forward to expanding our horizons more and more!


2017 San Diego
2016 Zion
2016 Wild Horses Nevada
2016 Mount Charleston
2015 Group Zion Trip
2015 Coast to Coast
2015 New Orleans
2015 Mississippi
2015 Florida
2015 Georgia
2015 Coast to Coast NC
2015 Civil Rights Mural NC
2015 Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe NC
2015 North Carolina
2015 Chicago
2015 Yellowstone
2015 Montana
2015 Road Schooling
2015 Washington Coast
2015 Ocean Shores WA
2015 Goodbye Seattle