Our Movie List

Over the past year I’ve been collecting a list of movies for the kids. It was a chore every Friday to try and find a movie we all could agree on.

Having this list as a go to has really made life easier. I can’t vouch for all these movies, there are many on the list we have not seen, but I separate those pretty clearly. Hopefully others will find this list useful 🙂

Please feel free to comment and share your favorite movies or options about the ones listed here.
I tried to verify the age appropriate and violence content of these films mostly using Common Sense Media. But for films that did not come up on their list I had to use other sources.

~Movies we love:

***The Prophet 9+
-Beautiful art and Lebanese poetry. It is a fictional interpretation of Kahil Gibran’s book, The Prophet.
We totally loved this one! Really really good, beautiful in every way.

***Ponyo 5+
magical realism, Miyazaki anime. Non violent. magical fish girl
Really great film. Very sweet and beautifully made

***Kirikou and the Sorceress 5+
-African folk tale. Toddler hero, nudity.
I love this movie

***Song of the sea 5+
-Beautiful Irish tale explores myths, sibling relationship. A little scary and very sad, but up lifting.
-We love love this movie. The watch it every few months

***Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium 6+
-Non violent. Strong female

***Brother Bear 5+
-Some sadness and scary parts.
We’ve seen this and it and liked it

***Fairy Tale: A True Story 6+
-Some scary parts.
Seen this and love it, based on the girls who photographed fairies

***Heidi 6+ 1993 version
-very little scariness.
A good version of this movie, we liked it

***Charlotte’s web 7+
-Based on E.B.White’s book. Moderately scary.
Good, the kids like it

***Mia and the migoo 6+
-suspenseful. Environmental. About daughter father love. Team work. French film maker. moderately scary. “stupid” and “shut up”.
-We loved this movie. Strong female and nice ending. A little scary

***Finding Nemo 5+
Sweet father-son tale has some very scary moments
-We love this one

***Spirited Away 9+
-Anime, Miyazaki. Pretty scary and violent. Magical adventure.
-Very very good movie, but still too old of my kids

***A Little Princess 7+
-Some scary and violent.
-We really love this one. It stays surprisingly close to the feeling and theme of the book

***Eleanor’s Secret 5+
-Reading saves the day in charming, mildly perilous tale. mild scariness
-Very good

***The New Adventures of Pippi Longstalkings (1988 version) 7+
-Great strong female role. Very close to the book.
-The kids love this movie

**Pippi Longstocking: Pippi in the South Seas 7+
-Cartoon version. Mild violence. Pretty close to the book
-Kids love it.

***Boy of the world 5+
Poignant hand-drawn story promotes family, environmentalism. not very scary. Brazilian. No dialog.
-Really interesting, no speaking, just music. Audrey loved it, but Tobin was board.

***My Lucky Elephant 6?
-Seems like a sweet movie, no real violence. The boy does yell at lucky more than I like. He is an orphan and becomes friends with Lucky. There is no visible cruelty to the animals, but to train elephants to paint is a very inhuman process, you don’t see it, but it must have happened to the elephants in this film. It has a lovely ending.
-The kids really liked it

~Movies we like:

**Balto 6+
-Some scary parts. Dogs who race in Alaska
We watched this one, the kids love it, but it’s a little scary

**Curious George 4+
-Very mild scariness.
The kids love it, I don’t find it offensive

**The Fox and the Hound.
-Some scariness and sadness.

**The Reluctant Dragon 6+
-non violent. May be a look at how it was made, not a movie.
We saw this, not really a cartoon. It’s a behind the scenes… but it was fun to see how they made the Casey Jr song.

**Dr. Seuss: The Lorax 5+
-the 1970’s version. Very little scariness.
We saw it, a little strange, but ok

**Ferngully 6+
Fairy tale environmental. Some scary parts.
It is ok, not offensive. I liked it when I was young

**The Secret of NIMH 8+
Pretty scary. rescue mission. Strong female hero.
-I liked it as a kid, but too scary for Tobin still

**Willow 8+
-Magic-filled fantasy adventure with a few battle scenes
-Good but way too old for the kids -haven’t seen

**Cars 5+
-Pixar about car world. not very scary or violent.
-Tobin’s favorite movie… What can you do? At least it’s not violent

**Milo and Otis 5+
-A tale about the adventures of a pet dog and barn cat
-good, Audrey likes it

**Ratatouille 6+
-has violence and some scary parts. also some insults “Stupid” “Loser”
-Kids like it

**Wall.E 5+
-Some scary and violent scenes
-my kids like it

**Up 6+
-mildly scary and violent.
-my kids like it

**Hugo 8+
-Some scary and violent parts. The story is a for older kids and adults.
-too old for my kids, I liked it though. I’d read the book to them first

**Matilda 9+
-Based on Roald Dahl.
some scary and violent.
-too old for my kids, I liked it though. I’d read the book to them first

**The Jungle Book 4+
-some violence and scariness.
-I liked it as a kid.

**Mary Poppins 6+
-not scary or violent.

**The Wizard of Oz 6+
-Some scary and violent
-Kids have seen it, the seemed to like it

**Dr Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! 4+
-The kids like it. Not too violent, sort of weird bad guys.

**The Rescuers 6+
-mild violence and scariness
Great adventure, but too dark for preschoolers
-I loved this as a kid

**Turbo 6+
-Racing snail. mild violence and scariness.
-Not too bad, kids liked it

**The Gruffalo 3+
-Beginning a little scary for the mouse. Some children might be frightened.
-I haven’t seen it, but the kids liked it

**Nanny McPhee Returns
-pretty funny movie. not really violent

**Miss Minoes 10+
-Cat turns into a woman. Some detective work, no real violence, a little scary.
-Audrey loves it

**Knut and Friends
-cute movie. More of a documentary really. About a zoo keeper and the baby polar bear he cares for
-Landon loved it when he was about 3

Lady and the Tramp 5+
-mild violence and scariness.

~Movies we haven’t seen yet, but would like to:

Kirikou and the wild beasts
Kirikou and the men and woman
Haven’t seen this one yet

Home 6+
-African American female lead. Misfit alien, friendship. some violence and scariness
-The kids may have seen this without me

March On! The Day My Brother Martin Changed the Wold 4+
-civil rights movement and black history. MLK, Rosa Parks and the man who mailed himself to freedom.
-Looks good. Haven seen it yet

Dancing in the Light 5+
-first African-American ballerina.
The animated short movie addresses instances of racism
-Looks good. Haven seen it yet

Garrett’s Gift 5+
-Smart animation introduces African-American inventor
-Looks good. Haven seen it yet

The Journey of Henry Box Brown 5+
-Powerful tale of former slave with big ideas about freedom. not very scary or violent.
-Looks good. Haven seen it yet

The Secret World of Arrietty 7+
-anime about loneliness and friendship. sad and up lifting. some violence and scary. the borrowers. strong female.
-Haven’t seen yet

Bears 6+
Some scariness. No animals get hurt, but some close calls. Lovely look at the lives of a mama bear and her cubs.
-Haven’t seen

Santa’s Apprentice 6+
-Fresh take on familiar holiday themes; some bullying. some violence and scariness.
-Haven’t seen

The Magic Snowflake 6+
-Sequel to Santa’s Apprentice. very mild violence.
-Haven’t seen

The Gruffalo’s Child 4+
-Very mild scariness. Celebrates the security a child feels at home with parents.
–Haven’t seen

The Brave Little Toaster 5+
-Appliences make a journey to find the young boy who use to visit them. Is pretty scary and violent.
-Haven seen it

Azur & Asmar The Princes Quest 7+
-(Kirikou) looks a little violent. French film English dubbed. Issues of race, class, gender and religion are tacked.
-Looks good. Haven seen it yet. too old?

James and the Giant Peach 7+
-Some scary and violent.
-Not sure, I didn’t like this one as a kid. the kids haven’t seen it

Hedgehog in the Fog 8+?
-Russian, soviet era 1975. English subtitles. About a hedgehog on his way to visit bear cub to count stars.
-I really want to see this one, But need to get around the subtitles since the kids don’t read yet

The mouse and the motorcycle 5+
-very mild violence. Based on Beverly Cleary.
Haven’t seen this one, but we liked the book

The Thief and the Cobbler 5+
-Not violent. A must for family viewing says common sense media.
We have not watched it yet

Puff the Magic Dragon 4+
-very mild scariness. Dragon helps boy to face his fears.
Haven’t seen this one

The Little Matchgirl 5+?
-this is a short film by disney.
-Haven’t seen it, I am skeptical and would watch it first.

Polly: Comin’ Home! (a black musical based on Pollyanna)
-Broadway style musical of orphan who strives for inter-racial understanding in 1956 Alabama. Strong Black female girl lead.
-Really want to see this, but can’t find it yet

Ernest & Celestine 6+
-friendship. French, english dubbed. Some scary parts.
-Haven seen it yet

Bino and Fino 5+?
-African. Nollywood. Brother and sister from Nigeria. Teaches all about Africa.
-Haven seen it yet

Chhota Bheem young?
-(if I can find it in english. episodes) Indian cartoon. Musical.
-Haven seen it yet

Ni Hao Kai-Lan 3+
-teaches english speaking kids Mandarin language and Chinese culture. Songs, dance,
-Haven’t seen

Maya and Miguel 5+
-Spanish vocabulary words. Twins, funny upbeat.
-Haven’t seen

Sara Solves It 5+?
-non white main characters. Big sister and little brother solve mysteries using math, music and creative thinking.
-Haven seen it yet

1001 Nights
-There is an english dubbed version on YouTube. I can’t find a rating yet, but there seems to be violence.
-Haven’t seen

Snowtime! 8+
-Sweet tale about kids’ snow battle has very sad moments. some violence and scariness.
-Haven’t seen

The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear 7+
-Mother bear raises human boy, then he needs to decide if he should return to humankind.
-Haven’t seen

Kiki’s Delivery Service 5+
-anime. very mild violence and scariness. Lovely movie for the who family. mystical. Strong female lead
-Haven’t seen, but I want to find it

My Neighbor Totoro 5+
-Beautiful anime fantasy about friendship fit for all.
Strong female role.
-Haven’t seen, but I want to find it

Taro the Dragon Boy 7+?
-Japanese, english subtitles. young boy who has to make a voyage to a distant lake to save his mother, who has been turned into a dragon
-Looks good, but still a little old?

Schoolhouse Rock 5+

Sagwa’s Storybook World 4+
-Based on Amy Tan. Non violent about cats. This is a series. Imperial China.
We have not seen it

Lady and the Tramp 5+
-very mild violence and scariness.

A Child’s Garden of Poetry 4+
-Non violent. Short film of poetry.
Haven’t found this yet

~Movies we haven’t seen yet, sound good, but older audience:

The Railway Children 9+
-based on E. Nesbit. UK 1970.
Some violence and scariness.
-We like the book, but have not see the movie

The secret of Kells 9+
-Irish folklore, with some very intense scenes and frightening images, not for younger children.
-Looks good, too old though. Haven seen it yet

A Letter to Momo 9+
-11 year old girl in Tokyo. english subtitles. some violence.
-Looks good, but too old for the kids. Haven seen it yet

Emil and the Detectives 8+
-Based on Erich Kastner. kids take matters into their own hands to bring theft to justice. Set in Germany. Made 1966
-Haven’t seen

Wolf children 12+
-mild violence. Japanese fable, Anime. english dubbed. moving family story. Single mother
-Haven’t seen

The Wiz 8+
-Musical remake of oz with. African-American cast. A little more threatening villains than the original.
-Haven’t seen, too old?

Maya Angelou and Still I Rise (not sure the age rating) -teen?
-Not for young children, but I put it on here because it looks good
-Haven’t seen

The Boy Who Saw the Wind -teens?
-Japanese. English subtitles. Boy who has powers of wind people. Violence and scariness. Friendship.
-Looks really good, but we will have to wait

The Cat Returns 10+
-Haven’t seen, no idea why I have it on here

The 99, Not sure the age
(Muslim superheroes)
-Looks interesting, but too old for the kids. Also too violent. Haven seen it yet

the rabbi’s cat 12+
-Fascinating, clever animated tale not meant for young kids.
-Haven’t seen it

Aya of yop city
-(I think it’s for older audience) Based in the West coast of Africa in the 70’s
-Looks good, but too old for the kids. Haven seen it yet

Starry Starry Night teen
-coming of age, teen romance. looks good, but not for younger kids. Taiwanese.
-Looks good, but too old for the kids. Haven seen it yet

Burka Avenger 9+?
-(feminist pro muslim, educational) English subtile. violence
-Haven’t seen, but really -I had to add this one. Too old and violent

Meena -Teen?
-(south asian. made by UNICEF) About girl sold into forced sexual labor. Not kid friendly.
-Deffinatly too old, but I added it because it seems interesting

Duma 8+
-High drama, boy raises a cheetah and has to return it to the wild. Looks pretty scary.
-Haven’t seen yet

Two Brothers 8+
-Looks a little scary. Two baby tigers are taken from the wild and run away. Some violence. Looked interesting at first, but it seems rather inappropriate in a few ways.
-Haven’t seen yet

Born Free 6+
-Tame Lion being returned to the wild. Looks a little scary. Lion kills and eats animals, there is other violence.
-Haven’t seen yet

The Tale of Despereaux 6+
-Violent and scary. I would take this off the list, but I want the reminder. We stopped reading the book because it was so ugly.

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