Ray’s Arithmetic

Math is one of my favorite subjects. Lately I have been looking into older more traditional ways of teaching mathematics -which has brought me to Ray’s Arithmetic.

Ray's Arithmetic
Ray’s Arithmetic

So far it looks really good, maybe a little dry in some places, but very easy to work with and enliven as you see fit. Also there are lots of real world problems (some may need to be modified if you want the cost of things to be more accurate).

You can buy the full set on CD, or I found this site with most of the books in PDF form to download for free.

My early education in math was very weak in Geometry and Trig, so I am really looking forward to diving deeper into these.

There are also some helpful youtube videos that I watched to give me ideas for our lessons.

Personally I don’t have the kids watch these. I’d rather we explore math together and really fall in love with this beautiful subject in a living way.

I have no affiliation with any of the sites I linked to, they just seemed helpful 🙂

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