Vegan “goat” Cheese


This is a random little video we made to share out favorite vegan “goat” cheese recipe. It has a lovely sharp flavor because it is really fermented just like real cheese. I use probiotic capsules instead of whey.

It is so easy to make and ready to enjoy the next day!

PS, this is my first ever video post. I was so nervous. Hopefully it will get easier!

Injera Success!

1075591_10208169581171264_4364025855974951877_oSorry to do this! Not only is it a bad photo of weird looking food, it’s also a brag post! Oh well, for some reason you are still reading 🙂 So I’ll go on.

Tonight was a very happy night, after (honestly) years of trying, our Injera bread actually turned out. The Ethiopian stews and salads were good too! I’m so happy. There is no gluten-free Ethiopian food in Las Vegas, believe me, I’ve called everyone. This has been a stubborn thorn in my culinary side for so long.

My family has been very patient with my many failed attempts -which were eaten lovingly, if not entusiastically. It’s not easy to admit such a simple and delicious meal could torment with such elusiveness.

Tonight, I go to bed totally satiated.

…Except for this one nagging desire to make some of those beautiful Japanese sweets that look like fairy treats…