Little Knit Friends -Tutorial

I’ve finally found a simple and free pattern for these little knit friends just click on the link and it will take you right to the downloadable PDF. This pattern is by Jean Greenhouse


Once you get the hang of the pattern, they are very versatile. You could easily be adapt the pattern to make elves, gnomes, simple comfort dolls -anything. You can make them with cotton, wool or any yarn you’d like. If you use a larger bulky yarn the dolls will be bigger, a thin yarn with small needles will give you a smaller doll.




Have fun 🙂

I’d love to see your creations, share them with us on FaceBook!

Wool Christmas Angel -Tutorial

In Kindergarten my teacher made us all these lovely Angels made from wool. It was such a magical treasure for me and defiantly something I’d love to include in my family christmas tradition now.


Here is a link to the free tutorial on how to make them from Educator 101. There are a lot of other lovely craft ideas on her site.

Ball from a Simple Knit Rectangle Tutorial

For a new knitter (or a experienced ones too). This ball is easy to make and fun to play with.

I found this free and easy to follow tutorial by Torview

ball final


For other toys from simple knit squares follow these links:

Simple Knit Sheep Tutorial

Simple Knit Bunny Tutorial

Another Simple Knit Bunny Tutorial

Free Knit Bunny and Bear Patterns

These little animals by Small Means are so wonderful to make. Plus they are free 🙂


The first one took a little extra work for me, because I had to remember how to read a knitting pattern! But her directions were easy to follow and the little guys turned out great. My kids wanted Kittens at the end, so I had to modify the ears and add tails… but they turned out great.

This link takes to directly to a free PDF file where you can print the directions.


Painting with Crystals

We called this painting with crystals, because that is what it looks like! We added Epsom salts to a little warm water and then added our water color paints to that.

We painted as we normally do. When the paintings were dry, little crystals were sparkling up at us. The crystals were bigger on the places the paint on thickest.

After awhile the crystals did get powdery and turn to dust, but it was lovely having them while they lasted.

To make your own Crystal Paintings:
Epsom Salt
Paint (or food coloring)
jars or muffin tins to hold paint in
Paint brushes
Watercolor paper

1) Mix about equal parts epsom salt to warm water. You can mix them into jars, bowls or muffin tins, anything that you want to use as holders for the paint. 1 teaspoon of each or however much you need to make)

2) Add a little salt. (for 1 teaspoon Epsom salt add a pinch of table salt). Mix until the salts are dissolved.

3) Add watercolor paints or food coloring to get desired colors.

4) Paint as you would regular watercolors. Let dry and enjoy!

*I have not tried it yet, but I suspect that replacing the salts for borax would also make some amazing crystals.